Service Terms and Conditions

Warranty Repairs

a; Warranty, as provided by the Vendor, only covers replacement of defective Parts.
b; Warranty does not cover; Accidental Damage (except in the case or AppleCare+), Non Hardware Fault (software, environmental, etc), No Fault Found, Data Recovery and Data
Non Warranty Repairs
a; Once all parts required to complete the repair of the hardware are determined and the repair costs exceed $200.00 inclusive of GST, a quotation will
be provided, at which time no further works will be undertaken until written acceptance is given for the repair. We will proceed with any required repairs up
to $200.00 without further acceptance.
a; Whilst all reasonable care is taken, we will not be liable for any loss of data or corruption other damages resulting data loss or corruption.
b; We are not responsible for replacement of any accessories booked in with or attached to any unit (screen protectors or covers) unless specifically required to diagnose and complete the repair.
a; Parts or products provided for Warranty and Non Warranty Repairs will be new or equivalent to new in performance and reliability .
Repair Times
a; Normal repair turn-around time is 5 working days subject to workload and availability of parts and any delay due to response to quotation or direction
from client.
Associated Costs
a; For repairs and assessments, our minimum service fee is $99.00 inclusive of GST.
b; Accessories (including iOS devices) incur a minimum service fee of $49.00 inclusive of GST.
c; The minimum service fee will apply if quoted repairs are not proceeded with.
d; Without prior arrangement, we do not operate account services for service work or accept cheques.
Derelict Service Repairs
a;Derelict items will be disposed of after a 90 day period unless a formal request stating the wish for us to retain the item for a longer period.
Client Information
The requested personal information (name, address, telephone number and email address) are necessary to proceed with the request for service. All parts and products are stored securely on the premises or with apple in packaging made to reduce any damage to your equipment. While all care is taken we
are not to be held responsible. If service is requested pursuant to a third party service obligation, such information will be transferred to the third party for verification and quality purposes, including confirming the service transaction and submitting a customer survey. By Running Apple Diagnostics (AST,
AST2) EduComIT Pty Ltd may supply diagnostic data and serial numbers to third parties. By signing below you consent to this transfer and the use by the third party for this purpose.