BYOD Service/Repair Form

Following your submission a member of the team will contact you with the paperwork to sign and leave with your device for collection at the nominated school

Please Contact us HERE if you require assistance with booking in your device 


Step 1: Locate the Serial Number of the Device. Click HERE for help

Step 2: Where possible, please back up your data. Whilst all care is taken, integrity of data cannot be guaranteed.

Step 2: ‘FIND MY DEVICE’ MUST be turned off on the device before it can be received by EduCom IT. Click HERE for help

Service Request Form
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Use this form to create a service booking request for devices. If you are booking in an item that is no longer covered by warranty we will provide a quotation for repair once diagnosis is completed

Should you choose not to repair your device or purchase a replacement device from us a diagnostic fee of $90.00 +GST per unit will apply.

Email if you require assistance with your service request booking.


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